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JURA ENA 5 - Ristretto Black
| Ristretto Black | Coffee Cherry Red | Slim 

JURA is totally redefining the compact class with the slender fully automatic machine for espressos and coffee specialities.

For reasons of space, many coffee fans have had to go without the benefits of a fully automatic machine for espressos and coffee specialities in the past. Not for them the unique pleasure of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Now the solution has arrived: The new ENA from JURA is a slim 23.8 cm (9 inch) wide, which makes it easy to accommodate even when space is at a premium. The ENA is compact, young and easy to operate.

ENA - if you love coffee
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Zero Energy Switch
This patented innovation disconnects the machine entirely from the electrical mains. This means ENA does not consume any energy in standby mode.
 JURA ENA - Zero Energy Switch
Direction and height-adjustable coffee spout
The coffee spout of the ENA 5 can be set for preparing either one or two cups simply by turning it. It goes without saying that its height can also be adjusted smoothly from 65 to 111 mm (2.5 and 4.5 inch) in order to adapt to the height of cup.
 JURA ENA 5 - Dreh- und höhenverstellbarer Kaffeeauslauf

Multicolor plain text display
The ENA is equipped with a 3-color plain text display. The colors display the status of the ENA.

 JURA ENA - Multicolour plain text display

One-switch philosophy
Turn, press, enjoy. No-one could wish for any more intuitive and straightforward operation.

 JURA ENA - One-switch philosophy